Dust of Snow by Robert Frost

The way a crow

Shook down on me

The dust of snow 

From a hemlock tree


Has given my heart

A change of mood

And saved some part

Of a day I had rued.


  • Black crow- symbol of bad omen.
  • Snow- white, pure, peace, goodness.
  • hemlock- poisonous tree.
  • “save some part”- uplift his mood/ from negative to positive.
  • rued- to regret bitterly.


Poet is upset and is sitting under the poisonous tree. But the small act of the crow of spilling the white snow on the poet, uplifts his mood. There is a sudden transformation from being sad to happy. The simple event saves the poet from being sad all day. Frost has cleverly made use of negative symbols like the crow and the hemlock as a tool through which, some good change is brought in the poet’s life. The dust of snow helps the poet in healing his wound (mental/emotional).


Random act of kindness may brighten someone else’s day. The little things in life together make it big and meaningful. Therefore, all of us must be kind to one another, because we never know what battle has the other person been fighting.


A Mute Love


To be loved unconditionally is something that everyone wishes for. And when I say “everyone”, it is Homo sapiens that I refer to. Gift of love is beautiful but, only few seem to realize it.

A package of boundless love and pure innocence entered my life when I was in my 9th grade. The memory of that moment is still afresh when those majestic eyes looked into mine while I took him in my arms.  Imagine yourself sitting at a restaurant filled with nice aroma with your tummy growling. The wait undoubtedly seems longer than usual. But the moment your food arrives, all of a sudden, you are no more a freak. Mirth takes over. 😀 Similar was my feeling. Excitement and happiness filled my heart.

It was on the day of Diwali, in 2009 that my journey with him began. Since that day, his presence has added colour to my life.

This charming guy with his cute little face was only 2 months old when he licked my face for the very first time. It was weird. But yes, he liked me and I was contented. Wouldn’t it be cool to have your best friend around you almost all the time, making it possible for you to share even the most random matter at random hours, without you having to spend money on calls? Well, I must admit that this munchkin has actually helped me save a lot of money!


This best friend of mine can do wonders- he can chase away loneliness, brighten me up in the lowest phase, console me when required (yeah! he does that without actually talking). You might be thinking that it is smart to have such a friend who will not even bother talking in the fighting sessions. But that is not the case.. Because, he expresses anger by simply getting hold of my belongings like footwear, clothes, books and what not! And one day he was angry….so much that he didn’t talk to me when I got back home. Why is he so possessive about me? Moreover, why does he get upset if I am unable to go out with him one day for a walk? That was the day when i saw his shenanigan in the garb of cuteness. He did take a revenge on our next walk. Pushed me into a puddle of sewage water being used for the renovation of golf ground ( NO KIDDING!) But his fun-spirited charisma did not infuriate me. Surprisingly, I was enjoying it with him all along, because of the usually grumpy girl I am.

With the passage of time, not only our bond grew stronger, but also his physique. He turned into a big handsome boy, but deep down, he still carried his innocence. And so, walking him ( or rather flying with him) became a laborious task. It was no less than some martial art, that too thrice a day. He is the one to control me rather than me taking charge of him. Still waiting for the day when he would actually walk WITH me. He is the one to listen to all my rantings, but never does he utter a word. Though his eyes speak and the best part…? I totally understand them. Our heart-to-heart conversation.


The innocence in him transforms into ferocity when he meets someone of his kind (except for puppies and other “ladies” 😛 ).  God has bestowed human beings with enormous abilities which they tend to misuse or ignore at times. On the other hand He has created some wonderful creatures who are seldom aware of their own qualities. Have you been fortunate enough to meet them?

Me, I have been very lucky to have come across one of them. I cherish this muteness. To befriend a dog is a heavenly bless, as it will never abandon you, even if you abandon the dog. Let me also tell you the most striking fact about them. Their muteness speak louder than the words of human beings.




Whats up with the name?

Am I a cocktail lover? Nay,  not really a fan of it. Wine is better. Actually ‘Shiraz’ is my favourite. Had it first when I was in the 12th grade. But, hey, wait! that’s not what I wanted to talk about. But again, why not? For how long can we stick to just one topic? Swaying and swinging is fun. That is what I do when boredom strikes  after being in one mode. In fact, I feel all of us should try doing it. That helps one to get involved more with life. You are sad…. go cuddle a baby and its giggles will brighten you up. You are tired of over-working….. sit in the arms of nature and let the breeze play its tricks on you. You want to go off-track your  routine life…. try doing something different like….. help people. Once, a friend of mine had few months until she got into a job. I realised she was becoming dull with her temporary “joblessness”. I pushed and forced her to get out of the four walls and take a stroll. Sent her some really good songs, made her laugh at times. But it was as if she had decided to be sad. Huh! annoyed and chafed, I shouted at her. Immediately after she started crying, all the posts that I had read on “depression” came as a flashback. Now i was sorry and really wanted to get her out of this loathsome situation. It was the next day and the scene I saw pleased me. She was trying to communicate with that kid next door who has down syndrome. Post which she voluntarily said to me that she wants to go to the special school where that kid went. My eyes wide, “whaa…?”. she-“until my call letter comes”. I chuckled.

So you see, she distracted herself from getting weaker. Oh even i got carried away. And through the blog too, I won’t be sticking to just one theme. I might jot down my feelings, sometimes snippets, or reviews or synopsis of a work at other times. I want to create a cocktail. Hope it tastes good. 🙂